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Curatorial Practices: Fields and Techniques, Acts IV + V

queering TASTE

02 Jun 2015 - 08 Jul 2015

Deadline: 8 July 2015

Period of realization

Act IV: from 14 August to 30 September 2015
Including a contribution to the Berlin Art Week program (15 - 20 September)
A collaboration between District Berlin and Kreuzberg Pavillon*

Act V: from 2 November and 18. December 2015

queering TASTE
"The art of losing is not too hard to master
Atlhough it may look like a desaster" [1]

queering TASTE gives a loose framework for the question: How do current curatorial approaches locate themselves within educational practices of art? 

The call is for two project contributions in the context of Curatorial Practices: Fields and Techniques, which explore the triangular relationship between art, education and research from the vantage point of artistic methods which involve collaborative scenarios for shifting dominant affinity networks („queering“)[2]. The notion of TASTE appears to be an ambivalent enough point of departure to reflect on ideas and actions between subjective motivation, collective-aesthetic sensibility, majoritarian affiliation, everyday life, (sub-)culture and (institutional) selection.

The Art of Losing described by poet Elizabeth Bishop offers an open frame of reference for ways of learning that feed from un-disciplinary modes of ‘getting lost’ off the established paths and strongholds of ‘correct’ knowledge. Searching for such de-localisations and proposals for artistic knowledge production beyond institutional infrastructures, the call is addressed to artists, curators and experts of everyday life and of other fields of imagination and research.   

Curatorial Practices: Fields and Techniques is a project series on current developments, problems and methods of the curatorial initiated by curators Susanne Husse and Michaela Richter at District Berlin in 2014. Through the combination of curatorial gestures and specific workshop formats in the form of so-called Acts the series provides a platform for the reflection and reconsideration of curatorial approaches, attempts and attitudes in perspective to current developments. A long-term goal of these regular encounters and surveys in different formats is the lasting promotion of actual methods of artistic and cultural work that challenge established doctrines and policies by formulating extended, informal, speculative, experimental, dedicated, situated and critical points of views.



We invite ideas and projects, which can manifest in the form of curatorial gestures (Acts) for example performances, conversations, interventions, workshops, smaller scale exhibitions or publications. They can be reflection formats that further projects which already exist or newly conceptualized experiments. Approaches, which take up, broaden, and re-interpret the local and programmatic neighbourhoods of District as well as realizations in other places of the city are explicitly welcome. 


The chosen projects for Act IV and Act V of the series Curatorial Practices: Fields and Techniques will be provided a sum of 4.000 Euro each, which is divided in 1.500 Euro for fees and 2.500 Euro for production (which are usable for other fees, too) and the 90 sqm District-Kabinett as space for work and presentation  from 14.8. to 30.9. (Act IV) or from 2.11. to 18.12. (Act V). Furthermore the curators will be supported by the District team in organisation and communication of their project. District however does not dispose of any technical equipment.

*Act IV – In the frame of the collaboration between District and Kreuzberg Pavillon on occasion of the Berlin Art Week and in dialogue with the chosen curators and other artists the team of Kreuzberg Pavillon develops local continuations, reprises or comments on the conceptual grounds of Act IV

Application materials

- Project proposal for either Act IV or V including information on the favoured period of realization (max. 2 pages)

- Outline of 3 reference projects including images (max. 6 pages)

- Statement + Short Biography

- CV

- Budget Plan 

Please assemble all materials in one PDF of maximum 3 MB. Complete applications are accepted exclusively online by 8 July at post@district-berlin.com.


The applications will be evaluated by a jury of experts which will nominate two projects each for the Curatorial Practices Act IV and Act V. The nominations will be announced by 17 July. On July 20 the nominated will be invited for a meeting at District or via Skype. Following the conversations, the names of the chosen projects will be published on July 22.  

Jury members

Maria Thereza Alves (artist, activist)
Susanne Husse (artistic director, District)
Bettina Knaup  (independent curator)
Nanna Lüth (junior professor art pedadgogy/gender studies, UdK Berlin)
Michaela Richter (independent curator) 
Heiko Pfreundt (artist, curator, Kreuzberg Pavillon)


Andrea Carorline Keppler

[1] Elizabeth Bishop, The Art of Losing, in: Poems, Prose and Letters, New York, 2008.

[2] Nanna Lüth, Carmen Mörsch, Queering (Next) Art Education.Kunst/Pädagogik zur Verschiebung dominanter Zugehörigkeitsordnungen, in: Torsten Meyer, Gila Kolb (Hg.), What’s Next? II. Art Education. Ein Reader, Bremen, 2015.