Koreanische Frauengruppe in Deutschland & Lynn Margulis Reading Group

— 31/05/2023

5/31/2023, 6PM

organized by JinRan Ha / & NAILS*hacks facts fictions

Registration via: school@district-berlin.com

In close exchange with activists and archival materials from the Korean Women’s Group in Germany (KFD), the reading group is dedicated to stories and processes of solidary living (over)together and links them to experimental ecological ways of thinking inspired by the endosymbiont theory of biologist Lynn Margulis.

What knowledge do KFD’s health and migration struggles and experiences open up for thinking about societies as organisms composed of different life forms?

The members of the Korean Women’s Group in Germany came to Germany as medical nurses in the late 1960s as part of the recruitment agreement between South Korea and the FRG. They saved the West German health care system from collapse. When the so-called “guest workers” were to be the first to lose their jobs and at the same time their residence rights in the economic crisis of the late 1970s and 1980s, the Korean nurses founded the KFD to fight for their work and residence rights. With their activities that go far beyond this struggle, they set important political changes in motion – on the level of legislation as well as in public consciousness and in forms of migrant and feminist solidarities.

After/during the reading, we discuss our thoughts, connections, ideas, questions, and concerns. All participants can share their interests, suggest reading material for the next meetings, shape and grow the group together.

We read:

<Migrant Feminism>, “Women Development Workers in Germany,” contribution by Kook-Nam Cho Ruwwe.
<Symbiotic Planet>, Lynn Margulis, Chapter 2.

We read, speak and translate into:

German, Korean, English.

We meet:

In Neukölln. Location will be announced upon registration.

Please register by 29.05. so that we can prepare enough places.