20/10/2018 — 20/10/2018

We are aware of the very serious claims made against District and the project that have been circulating on social media in relation to the cancellation of the workshop series Dada is black, duh! by niv Acosta and Fannie Sosa. We do not recognize our practices or the recent interactions with the artists in these claims.

Our work as cultural producers at or in association with District aims at diverse, inclusive, critical and complex cultural forms and spaces that counter historical and current oppressions and marginalizations. Continuous attention to un_learning in a field of differential identities, privileges and structural exclusions is the base of this practice and of the interactions and transformations it fosters.

As organizers of the project „Dada is black, duh! * Mad Vibrations * manYdancing the digital ornament * Choreographic Unrest“ we need to create a new moment to confront the implications. To do so, we will take some time to find possible forms within and beyond the project. More information will follow here and through our newsletter.

Joerg Franzbecker (a production e.V.), Suza Husse (District), Yvonne Wilhelm (knowbotiq)