Maude – 2016, I

Maude works primarily in photography and film. Her artistic practice is significantly influenced by her life in queer-feminist communities in Europe and Canada. She had begun to document these queer lifestyles through the medium of photography  (Montréal, May, 2015), which inspired her to reflect on questions of space and architecture, as well as the hidden power structures that they manifest.

After her Bachelor in Fine Arts in Film and Women Studies at Concordia University in Montreal, she realized her first film, Untitled (2015), which deals with demonstrations that took place in Montreal in 2014 in memory of the countless missing and murdered indigenous women in Canada and rallied against their structural oppression. In this essayistic film, Maude pursues the paradox that lies in the occupation of  the streets in an occupied land and questions the resistance this act represents. Maude’s current project, which she would like to pursue during her studio grant at District, is a queer feminist anti-colonial DIY Science-Fiction Film that works against traditional sci-fi narrative conventions, which are so often steeped in colonialism and imperialism.