— 05/09/2017



18.00 – Film screenings

19.00 – CAMPerVAN panel discussion

20.00 – Tarot reading

* Samuel Douek
* TMFFP – That’s My Fucking Free Performance (and you can do it at home)
* Florian
* Shiaz Legz
* Fiontasia
* Zoe Marden

21.00 – DJ set


The CAMPerVAN is modified caravan that hosts performances, lectures, workshops and screenings. Inspired by a mass wave of LGBTQ venue closure in London, it can be deployed anywhere in the world to make queer art accessible to everyone.

Please join us in celebrating local queer artists at the art space District on the evening of Tuesday 5th September 2017

More information here

The current Klassensprachen / Class Languages exhibition at District will be open in parallel to the event from 6 to 10 pm for everyone who has not yet had the chance to see it.

The event will be filmed as part of a mini-series of the European Tour for INTO Magazine, which will premiere online for OUT Festival in November. (Participants and guests can choose not to be filmed.)

If you would like to participate and use the stage, please get involved and email to

Unfortunately we cannot provide a fee for participants as the CAMPerVAN is run as a low to no budget art project. Instead we will be happy to share the video footage of the event with the participants.