Studio Grant

Since 2009, District has realized a multifaceted program with the aim of creating an ongoing dialogue between artistic, curatorial, investigative, and educational practices. With a focus on contextualizing artistic practice in urban space, District develops collaborative and research-oriented formats for art in the expanded field. Exploring dfferent kinds of neighborhood and ways of dissolving boundaries, as well as emancipatory moments of amicability, District creates occasions for opening up the present towards diverse perspectives and types of knowledge by means of art. Grounded in feminist, queer and decolonial approaches, District explores the curatorial as a performative as much as analytic practice and probes new kinds of community.

The Studio Grant—awarded for six months—is explicitly developed to support the work of women, gender queer, Inter*, and Trans* artists. Awarded by a diverse jury, the grant aims to structurally support artists, place artistic research in a local context, and to create ongoing discursive and working relationships.

The Studio Grant is an important element of District’s long-term engagement in building a solidary artistic community. Therefore, the program offers an open forum for the reflection, advancement, and interconnection of artistic practices through transdisciplinary studio talks and the involvement of the grant artists in the ongoing program.