Alvozay Festival

— 20/09/2020

Open air festival

with Afrodiaspora 2.0, Babiche Papaya, Bad&Boujee, Don Jegosah, Douniah, Ilgen-Nur, Kollektiv DNA, Mandhla, Meron, Miriam Davoudvandi, Preach, Slic Unit, Titi Amoako (nappyheadedberlin) a.o.

Sunday, 20 September 2020, from 2 pm

Tickets here.

The independent music label Alvozay, founded by rapper Ebow and DJ Tmnit Ghide, celebrates its first LIVE festival. Their aim is to create a platform that is inclusive and provides a safe space for people from the BIPOC community. While under lockdown via IG Livestream, they are now moving out of the virtual and into the physical space. Live concerts, workshops and DJ sets will be available for a limited number of people on Sunday, September 20th at District*School without Center. Besides established musicians*, newcomers* belonging to the BIPOC community will be given a stage.


– Live Acts by Ilgen-Nur, Preach, Don Jegosah, Meron, Douniah Hagenauer, Babiche Papaya, Mandhla a.o.
– Pop-up hair salon with Titi Amoako, founder of the platform nappyheadedberlin
– Skin care workshop with journalist and outspoken skin care enthusiast Miriam Davoudvandi
– reading circle with the collective DNA
– Karaoke session with the collective Afrodiaspora 2.0 from Munich
– Pop-up food stands
– DJ sets by the collectives Slic Unit and Bad&Boujee with live broadcast on the THF community radio

Kindly supported by Music Board Berlin.