D’EST: Hader Halal Zine Pre-Release

— 06/06/2024

Hader Halal zine by Fehras Publishing Practices, published with D’EST / Post-Ost series, riso print, limited edition, Berlin, 2024.

Aaron Ahalu, AK Knol, Anna Ehrenstein, Aziza Ahmad, DNA (Blair & Clint Opara), Farkhondeh Shahroudi, Fehras Publishing Practices, Iskandar Abdalla, Jyl Franzbecker, Lotus: Afro-Asian Writings, Moonis Ahmad, Nino Bulling, Promona Sengupta, Rebecca Pokua Korang, Shaunak Mahbubani, Shrujana N Shridhar, Suza Husse, Vidisha-Fadescha

a contribution to
D’EST Cycle #2: Post-Socialism as Method. Anti-Geographies of Collective Desires

published in
POST-OST: A publication series by district * school without center & Archive Books

Another day has passed
Another day
A day adding to our absence
A day closer to our return*

حاضر حلال
Hader Halal
Present is Halal . With Regard to Presence . Beziehungsweise Anwesend Sein

Zine Pre-Release
readings, listenings & publications

Tectonic Bone Radio, Aziza Ahmad, Kenan Darwich, Leila Bencharnia, Nancy Naser Al Deen, Omar Gabriel Delnevo, Sama Ahmadi, Sami Rustom, Suza Husse, Ulrike Gerhardt

as part of When The Jackal Leaves The Sun: Decentering Restitution | Pedagogies of Repossession
(Chapter: Tonight the city + + is a tectonic bone radio—,
Our ancestors are on every channel + + +)

Thursday 6th of June 2024,
8:00 pm – 10:00 pm
at Flutgraben e.V.
Am Flutgraben 3, 12435 Berlin

The pre-release of the Hader Halal zine will be happening as part of When The Jackal Leaves The Sun, a decolonial feminist infrastructure for memory politics, art and transformative justice. For more knowledge about the project, please click here.

We will gather around Hader Halal zine and Fehras’ archival collection of the quarterly magazine Lotus: Afro-Asian Writings (1968-1993). We will be reading, listening and lively activate a spirit of solidarity memories together, histories which shaped the cultural and the publishing work behind this magazine and beyond.

A Glimpse of Hader Halal zine

The zine is a consequence of a closed workshop entitled Publishing as a Solidarity Practice that took place on the 8th of December 2023 at Flutgraben e.V. in Berlin. The workshop was offered as part of Hader Halal Sessions, Fehras’ contribution to the second cycle of D’EST: Post-Socialism as Method. Anti-Geographies of Collective Desires which interconnects socialist imaginaries and life worlds from different and sometimes contradictorily situated geographies that continued and/or emerged despite coloniality, totalitarianism, and capitalism. Friends from Fehras and district * school without center friendships whether they are artists, activists, dancers, dreamers, curators, or writers were invited to interact with our archival collection of the journal Lotus: Afro-Asian Writings and contribute to Hader Halal zine.

Hader Halal zine is a testament to the ongoing battle against colonialism and hegemonic structures. The ways in which geography and metaphor intertwine in the context of Palestine serves as a conduit that condenses the aspirations and adversities lived in both Asia and Africa over the past two centuries. This convergence reconfigures the encounter with Europe, reigniting awareness of colonial legacies that continue to influence contemporary African and Asian societies. The solidarity with the Palestinian struggle and the struggle for solidarity with Palestine embody a collective narrative that transcends borders, encapsulating the resilience and shared experiences of diverse communities. To learn more about Hader Halal, please click here.

*Lines from a song that is a part of a long sketch by Fayrouz (b. 1934). The sketch was written and composed by Rahbani Brothers, and televised on the backdrop of Al-Nakas (Six Day War) in June in 1967. Fayrouz recalled this sketch in her series of concerts in Dubai, Paris and Lebanon in 2002 as an act of insistence on the solidarity with Palestinians and their continuing struggle for liberation and independence. A Rehearsal video of Another Day has Passed was published online on the 8th of October 2023. To listen, visit this channel.