Post-Studio Tales

13/04/2012 — 30/04/2012

Post-Studio Tales, Finissage, Photo: Heiko Schäfer

Raconter et Rencontrer, lecture and presentation, 2012, Photo: Bradley Alexander

Post-Studio Tales, Architektur, Photo: Friedemann Heckel

Post Studio Tales, Öffentliche Führungen, Photo: Heiko Schäfer

Post Studio Tales, Ausstellung, Photo: Friedemann Heckel

Foto: Friedemann Heckel

"The Ukrainian State", Anatoly Belov und Bradley Alexander, 2012, Photo: Heiko Schäfer

A residency-as-exhibition investigating »contemporary art practice and the spaces of its production«

Anna Möller, Anatoly Belov, Bradley Alexander, Burk Koller, David Goodman, Flavia Spichtig, Florine Leoni, Konrad Mühe, Laura McLardy, Martin Kohout, Mitya Churikov, Pedro Wirz, Raphael Linsi, Sarah Elliott, Thomas Jeppe, Tina Kämpe, Wilhelm Klotzek, Wojciech Kosma


POST-STUDIO TALES is a residency-as-exhibition investigating «contemporary art practice and the spaces of its production». For one month, eighteen artists and the project’s three curators will stay and work at District in a site-specific exhibition architecture designed by the Berlin-based architectural collective Something Fantastic. The lecture and presentation series Raconter et rencontrer will take place on three days during the project; details and further events will be announced online.

Anna Möller
Bodies, paper, steel, peripheries, very slow show
Anna Möller, born 1980, lives and works in Hamburg.

Anatoly Belov
Social problems, Emblika Quale, being human, morality, homophobia, Ukrainian Body, marginality, future scenario
Anatoly Belov is an artist, singer and writer from Kiev.

Bradley Alexander
Logic, technology, media, surface, psychoanalysis, acoustics, love, music
Bradley Alexander, born 1985 in Philadelphia, is an artist and electronic musicianworking in Karlsruhe.

Burk Koller
Burk Koller is best-known for his nude paintings, none of which have been realized as yet.
Burk Koller has a getaway car ready. Sometimes the engine doesn’t start.

David Goodman
Being here and now, surface & form, language, mapping, landscape, neighborhoods, decoding, working
David Goodman is an artist from New York City.

Flavia Spichtig
Formal Camping, composition, Studio Opulenza, fountain, collected branding fragments: “Do you want to join the jogging group?”
Flavia Spichtig was born in Sarnen, Switzerland, and lives in Berlin.

Florine Leoni
space – psyche – recipient, internal space-external space, difference,(non-) staging, impression-expression, interdependency, research, body in motion, ego-environment. physical – mental – emotional state
Florine Leoni is an installation artist and is temporarily working together with Christine Indermühle and Jannik Giger during the period of Post-Studio Tales.

Konrad Mühe & Wilhelm Klotzek
“Concretization through poeticizing“
Konrad Mühe was born in Karl-Marx-Stadt.
Wilhelm Klotzek was born in Berlin.

Laura McLardy
Point and Line to Play
Laura McLardy, born 1984 in London, lives and works in Berlin.

Martin Kohout
Martin Kohout has left on April 18.

Mitya Churikov
Humour, Suprematism, tension in slowness, everyday life
Mitya Churikov was born in Kiev and lives here now.

Pedro Wirz
Process, communal thought, author, order, disorder, Raphael Linsi, open-end
Pedro Wirz, born 1981, is Swiss-Brazilian and loves Sara Vidas.

Raphael Linsi
Konfetti, flowers, future things, language things, broken language, things, on fire, warming fear, but fearless, voiceless, because change happens, focused and clear, candy, sharpness, sweet goals
Raphael Linsi was conceived in the future and born into the world in 1982.

Sarah Elliott
Seeing, looking, pointing, floors, stacks, signs, hands, signs in hands, fists, sit-ins, walkouts, “in a living way”, grids, jokes, jokes about grids, “We Are Fucking Angry”, surface material, and other refusals
Sarah Elliott was born in 1986 in Juneau, a municipality located on the Gastineau Channel in the panhandle of the U.S. state of Alaska. Now she does some stuff.

Thomas Jeppe
Desire, extravagance, John Beeson, discrete logic
Thomas Jeppe, born 1984 in Australia, will have his next exhibition at Curro y Poncho, Guadalajara, opening on May 31st, 2012.

Tina Kämpe
“Site Specific Workout in the Shoes of Canaletto.”
Tina Kämpe loves gifts.

Wojciech Kosma
Performance, dick, boobs, anal, threesomes, John Beeson, Berlin, New York
Wojciech Kosma, born 1981 in Poland, is a performance artist.

Wednesday, 18 April, 19-21 h

Dominikus Müller & Kito Nedo, Die Informationsausstellung

Martin Ebner, A presentation of “A-Clip – a micro intervention in cinema space” (d/e)

Stefan Römer & Jules Beauregard, Über Raummodelle in drei Songs von Stan Back

Vivian Ziherl, Informal relations: Piero Gilardi, When Attitudes Become Form, Op Losse Schroeven and the Deposito D’Arte Presente

Saturday, 21 April, 12-16 h

Jenny Nachtigall, The studio as a state of mind or a space of the body?

Jörn Schafaff, Immer noch das Atelier

Lizaveta German, Between yellow and blue. Brief history of contemporary art exhibitions in Independent Ukraine (1991-2012)

Sven Beckstette, “Monster Languages” und Partizipation bei Öyvind Fahlström

followed by “The Lover” by Wojciech Kosma, performed by Isabelle Lumpkin

Wednesday, 25 April, 19-21 h

Mirjam Thomann, Gelb kennt keine Grenzen. Notes on Color as an Infinite Attribute

Roger Bundschuh, Der Architekt und der Künstler

Suza Husse, Against Normalization – Artistic collaboration and self organization in South Korea

followed by a brief workshop on the electric slide from Sarah Elliott


Friedemann Heckel, John Beeson, Ulrike Gerhardt, curators
Katrin Glinka, public relations
Azra Gül, project manager
Sascha Kregel, intern
Laura Lang, curatorial assitant
Anne Sofie Ruckhaberle, fundraising

in cooperation with Something Fantastic

Julian Schubert
Elena Schütz
Leonard Streich
Daniel Eguren, exhibition architecture
and Edition Taube

Special thanks to:

Moebel Horzon
Johannes Märker
Holz Possling
Ludwig Reiter, Wien