Intimate Talks #1: auf grauen Fittichfingern in blauer Weite

ed. Nino Halka, Andrea Caroline Keppler und Noël Labrid

Talks on illness, resistance and forms of collective (health) care on occasion of the project On Illness, Resistance and Modes of Collective (Health)Care

The Intimate Talks series is part of our ongoing research on illness, resistance and community-based forms of self-organised health care and (self) care. The magazines bring together contributions from cultural practitioners, self-advocates (self-representatives?) and care workers on topics that tend to be conducted in private, alone or with trusted loved ones.

The first issue in this series, auf grauen Fittichfingern in blauer Weite (on grey fittish fingers in blue expanse/vastness), is part of the research project On Illness, Resistance and Modes of Collective (Health) Care at District in autumn 2021. The invited artists share their knowledge, personal experiences and feelings around different forms of illness, discrimination, death and mutual care.

Along four familiar and informal conversations (Intimate Talks), we begin a mutual exchange about conditions, feelings or experiences that often have negative connotations in the public sphere, are taboo or go hand in hand with certain exclusions, injuries or prejudices.

In the design, we focus on barrier-free, diversity-sensitive design. While we are devoting more attention to the field of vision in this issue. The conception and realisation of the zine was accompanied by the artist Katrin Dinges. All visual contributions are accompanied by image descriptions and optimised for screen readers.

Interview partners of the first issue: Johanna Ackva, Katrin Dinges, Kalia Kefala, Eva Storms and Anna Maria Storms

Editors: Nino Halka, Andrea Caroline Keppler and Noël Labridy

Design: studiokwi [Kathrin Windhorst]

Screen reader optimization: studiokwi and Ipek Erdöl

The zine is self-published at irregular intervals and can be downloaded free of charge as an accessible PDF below.

Language: German

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Wie wir dahin kamen, wo wir jetzt sind
Page 1: Andrea Keppler, Noël Labridy and Nino Halka: Über Intimate Talks [Intime Gespräche]
Page 8: Project documentation. A selection in pictures

Intimate Talks

Page 15: Katrin Dinges: Bruchlinien und Kraftquellen, Gedichte 

Page 29: Johanna Ackva: Momente aus einem Gespräch zu Sterben, Tod, Trauer und Abschied

Page 37: Johanna Ackva: Fragen zum Tod

Page 39: Anna Maria Storms und Eva Storms: Das, was jede Geschichte besonders macht, ist, dass sie dem*der Erzähler*in gehört. Keine zwei Leben sind gleich.

Page 53: Kallia Kefala: Müde

Team – Title image: Kadi Windhorst and Noël Labridy adapted from Sophie Utikal, Rest, from the series When they returned to their bodies, they returned home, 2019; Title: auf grauen Fittichfingern in blauer Weite, line from the poem Wortewattwanderung by Katrin Dinges; Editing and Copy-editing: Nino Halka, Andrea Caroline Keppler and Noël Labridy; Co-copyediting: Johanna Ekenhorst; Consultation accessibility and conceptual guidance: Katrin Dinges and Juliana Keppler; Design and Layout: studiokwi [Kathrin Windhorst]; Screenreader optimization: studiokwi & Ipek Erdöl.

© The editors, authors, conversation partners, artists / District*School without Center, 2022

68 Pages

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