Revolt She Said

decolonial and feminist perspectives on 68

Revolt She Said: decolonial and feminist perspectives on 68, an alpha nova & galerie futura and District Berlin publication, 2019, image: Konstantina Athinaiou

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of 1968, we (alpha nova & galerie futura and District Berlin) have taken the opportunity to engage from feminist and decolonial perspectives with the protest movements in Germany in the 1960s, which also fully redefined the field of art. We are moved by the question of which histories, participants, and voices still remain invisible within the dominant narratives about 1968 and how they can be reactualized for the contemplation and creation of present and future socio-political processes and demands. With a series of events entitled Revolt She Said, we sought to reassess the production of narratives and historiography and to (re)tell the movements of this time from the perspective of their feminist, anti-colonial, diasporic, migrant, Jewish, and Black organizations. The homonymous publication provides a deeper insight into the event-specific topics, discussions and reflections on 68 and their implications on the present and future.

With contributions by: Sharon Adler and Merle Stöver, Karina Griffith, Dr. Natasha A. Kelly, Andrea Caroline Keppler and Katharina Koch, Martina Kofer, Pınar Öğrenci, Dr. Peggy Piesche, Dr. Gabriele Schor, PD Dr. Anja Zimmermann

Edited by Andrea Caroline Keppler, Katharina Koch and Dorothea Nold

Designed by Stephanie Rau –

Published by District Berlin and alpha nova & galerie futura on the occasion of the series Revolt She Said – decolonial and feminist perspectives on 68 at District Berlin and alpha nova & galerie futura, funded by Senatsverwaltung Kultur und Europa, 15 September 2019 –  30 January 2019.

Languages: Some contributions are in German, some in English, s. ToC

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p 3 Andrea Caroline Keppler & Katharina Koch Foreword

p 14 Karina Griffith Revolt She Felt: Productive Irritation for Intersectional Protest on Film

p 19 Dr. Natasha A. Kelly Talking Blues

p 28 Peggy Piesche Decolonize 68! – Zur Methode einer intersektionalen Erinnerungsarbeit

p 34 Pınar Öğrenci Purple Panic: 43

p 46 Sharon Adler & Merle Stöver Erfahrungen, Brüche, Perspektiven. Jüdische Feministinnen über Kiunst und Politik seit 1968

p 54 Martina Kofer Ton Steine Wasser – Künstlerische Formen der Neugestaltung Westberlins nach 68

p 60 Gabriele Schor Feministische Avantgarde der 1970er-Jahre. Materialitäten und feministischer Blick auf Weiblichkeit

p 68 Anja Zimmermann FrauenKunstWissenschaft: Kunst, Kunstgeschichte und Feminismus um 1968 – und danach

p 75 Biographies

p 77 Imprint

Team – Editors: Andrea Caroline Keppler, Dr. Katharina Koch, Dorothea Nold; Translation and Copy-Editing: Jesi Khadivi; Design: Stefanie Rau –; Photografphe: Kim Bode, Inia Steinbach (p. 28-29), Andrea Bellu (p. 34-35)

© 2019 alpha nova & galerie futura, District Berlin, the authors, fotographers and artists.

78 Pages
15 x 21 cm mm
ISBN: 978-3-00-062192-5

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