wildes wiederholen. material from below.

Edited by Elske Rosenfeld and Suza Husse

Foto: Chiara Faggionato.

Dissident Stories between GDR and pOstdeutschland #1

A District*School without Center and Archive Books publication in collaboration with the Robert-Havemann-Gesellschaft / Archive of the GDR-Opposition.

Edited by Elske Rosenfeld and Suza Husse

Contributions: Alex Gerbaulet + Mareike Bernien, Anna Zett, Elsa Westreicher, Elske Rosenfeld, Ernest Ah + Sabrina Saase + Lee Stevens from the Raumerweiterungshalle collective, Ina Röder Sissoko + Suza Husse, Irena Kukutz, Nadia Tsulukidze, Peggy Piesche, Samirah Kenawi, Technosekte + Henrike Naumann and Katalin Cseh-Varga, Maria Josephina Bengan Making, Rebecca Hernandez García, Redi Koobak, Sebastian Pflugbeil, Tim Eisenlohr

Dialogue partners in the archive of the GDR opposition: Christoph Ochs, Jana Papke, Frank Ebert, Olaf Weißbach, Rebecca Hernandez García, Tina Krone

Dissident practices and sociabilities of the late GDR unfolded in a present that was largely detached from any utopian future. Their traces are alive in the memory of those involved in the cultural and political underground at the time and in numerous materials and documents at archives and collections. wild recuperations. material from below follows a shared desire to bring these experiences and environments from below into a meaningful and complex dialogue with the politics of the present. Drawing on current artistic and critical forms of working with archives and memory, the book gathers a plurality of approaches to the fabric of absence and of possibility that the Archive of the GDR Opposition aggregates. The positions from which histories are experienced, desired and told – their situatedness in bodies, languages and ecologies – are part of each story.

Publishing: Elske Rosenfeld und Suza Husse
Layout: Elsa Westreicher
Editing: Nine Eglantine Yamamoto-Masson
Translation: Cordula Unewisse, Wilhelm von Werthern
Transcription: Jil Zepp, Julia Reinl
Proofreading: Archive Books / Lena Heubusch
Photography: Emma Wolf Haugh, Jil Zepp
Image Editing: Hannes Wiedemann

Documents, music, pictures and discussion contributions from the archive of the GDR opposition / Robert Havemann Gesellschaft e.V. / and from Baumarkt, Bärbel Bohley, Bettina Dziggel, Christiane Kloweit, Cornelia Schleime, die andere, Emma Wolf Haugh, Erweiterte Orgasmus Gruppe, frau anders, Freya Klier, Ina Röder Sissoko, Kerstin Baarmann, Kerstin Rösel, Klaus Freymuth, Leo Tesch, Michael Beleites, Nadja Schallenberg, Namenlos, Nancy Adler, Nicola Lauré al-Samarai, Pea Lehmann, Rainer Steußloff, Samirah Kenawi, Tina Elischer, Ulrich Neumann, Verena Kyselka, Zwitschermaschine + Saukerle, 3tot

This book inaugurates the series Dissident Stories between GDR and pOstdeutschland. Book and program are funded by the Berliner Beauftragten zur Aufarbeitung der SED-Diktatur.

ISBN: 978-3-946674-04-7