radio kal: Relational Listening Composing Workshop

03/08/2021 — 05/08/2021

A Frei aka Fred Hystére, Becoming Stone. an essayistic live mix/listening performance, 2018

radio kal TOOLING#3:
Relational Listening Composing Workshop with A Frei

Online workshop in English

3, 4 & 5 August 2021
CET: 12:00-15:00
IST: 15:30-18:30
PKT: 15:00-18:00

Participants: 10-15, please register at school@district-berlin.com until the 27 July 2021.
No musical training needed.

Parts of the workshops will be recorded and will be later published within the kal radio-series.


«From where do i listen? How do i listen? To what do i attend? What do i hear? Are necessary to thinking about environments and ecosystems. These questions show us that we are always working across difference. Which is in itself always in becoming an unknown. The simplicity in such questions belie a profound and critical recognition and responsibility essential to any movement toward abolishing a world built on white supremacist violence and dispossession.»
– AM Kanngieser, «Environmental Listening: Being with/in Place.», 2021.

«Collaboration as an insisting practice on a continuous circulation of power between listening and sounding.»
– Pauline Oliveros

«(…) If it is a past thought for example reverse it so that you now see it as in front of you. if it is a future memory reverse it so that you now see it as behind you. now, take one of the future thoughts you have reversed and build up a memory out of it. (…)»
– Black Quantum Futurism, Time Travel Experiment Number 2.

«When do you stop hearing the sound? When does memory begin? (…) How we listen depends on our consciousness. Are we creating the sound that we hear by listening or is sound creating our listening? Is it co-creation between consciousnesses? Is the sound disappearing or am I disappearing?»
–Pauline Oliveros, «Quantum Listening: From Practice to Theory (to Practice Practice».


The 3-day «Relational Listening Composing Workshop» focuses on collaborative practices of listening-composing and situated, embodied and queer modes of listening and sounding. The workshop led by A Frei aims to experiment with relationality beyond linear notions of time, attunement toward difference and simultaneity of place and shared sonic fields as a propositions for conviviality beyond language. Accompanied by Pauline Oliveros’ thoughts on Quantum Listening, Black Quantum Futurism’s Time Travel Experiments and AM Kanngieser’s thoughts on Environmental Listening, the participants will attune with the support of different listening exercises and will practice relational DIY real time composing via Zoom and simultaneous phone recordings. Part and heart of the workshop will be a joint relational listening composition spanning over three days. Each day focusses on specific/interconnected modes of listening and sounding and utilizes these as scores for composing together: Place/Environment, Relationality/Rhythm and Embodiment/Voice. After the workshop, the three recordings will result in a final composition through layering/mixing and will be published as part of the radio kal series later this year.

For the recording of the compositions we will use the open source software «Soundtrap», which was introduced in the radio kal Tooling #2 Workshop earlier this year.

Setting/tools to bring:
_Space with a window
_Internet connection
_Computer, Zoom-app with headphones
_Phone with headphones and installed open source software «soundtrap»
_One big and one small bowl (ceramic or glass)
_Wooden Stick with one soft end (for example wooden stick with a piece of fabric taped around it) for playing the bowl


A Frei is a non-binary sound artist, relational listener, sonic community organizer, collaborator, sonic researcher, record store co-operator, graphic designer, experimental dj and mushroom enthusiast based in Zürich, Switzerland. They organize concerts, experimental audio formats and collaborate on listening performances and collective listening settings. A works as freelance graphic designer focussing on sound related projects, small editions and art books and give weekly risograph workshops.
A’s (sonic) practice consist of listening workshops, research-based listening performances, essayistic djing, semi-modular synthesis, various forms of microphony and free electroacoustic improvisation. They are deeply engaged in questions concerning the «ethics of listening» – in socio-political, environmental, embodied and queer practices of listening within its situated contexts, emancipatory possibilities within the sonic realm and forms of non-verbal communication/improvisation. – www.annafrei.net

A Frei is co-founder of OOR Records/OOR Saloon (one’s own room) in Zürich. OOR Records is a collective, cooperative and honorary operated record and art-book store, organic archive and social gathering place for engaged ears. – www.oor-rec.ch

OOR Saloon is a soundart space and production-context focussing on emancipatory collaborative and queer-feminist politics/practices of listening and sound, electronic and electroacoustic music, experimental club culture, performance and sound art. The OOR Saloon series wishes to create collaborative, multi-sensory and discursive spaces for negotiations of emancipatory artistic practices related to sound/modes of listening and questions of difference/relationality. In the context of OOR Saloon A Frei is responsible for event-conception/programming, organization (together with Franziska Koch) as well as the graphic design. – www.oor-rec.ch/archive