Anaïs Héraud: Ritournelle Series

— 06/11/2015

Anaïs Héraud und Till Baumann, Ritournelle Series, Performance, Photo: Alex Slota

Anaïs Héraud, Ritournelle Series, Performance, 2015, Photo: Ilya Noé

Solo Performance by Anaïs Héraud
Performance by Anaïs Héraud and Till Baumann

The word “Ritournelle” refers to a repetitive phrase, often musical, that grows gradually, resulting in new dimensions. Ritournelles are often found in rituals, children’s songs, advertisements and political slogans in demonstrations, among others. Anaïs Héraud will adapt the concept of Ritournelle to compose a solo performance investigating the specific dimension of voice and sound in the building of live images. Anaïs Héraud and Till Baumann will develop the concept further by focussing on the principle of loop as performative material. How can a word create a space? How can a song be embodied?

Anaïs Héraud is a performance artist and fine artist, Till Baumann is a theatre director and sound artist. Both are based in Berlin.

Anaïs Héraud, together with Nathalie Mba Bikoro, is the current studio grant holder at District.