working class by daughters

20/10/2021 — 23/10/2021

performative installation

Artists/organisers: Karolina Dreit, Kristina Dreit and Anna Trzpis-McLean

20 October,  6 – 9 pm: Opening
21 October,  7 pm: Reading Group “Arbeiter:innentöchter vereinigt euch!” with Josephine Findeisen
22 October, 7 pm: Artist talk (German and English on demand)

Opening hours:
21 + 22 October,  4 – 9 pm
23 October, 11 am – 3 pm

COVID: To make our gatherings as safe as possible amidst the ongoing corona virus pandemic, we kindly ask everyone to join with a negative Covid test (or do a quick test on site) and wear FFP2 masks when required. There is a free test station >closeby<.

District is wheelchair accessible.


We open up a department store at District.
The name of the department store is “Kaufhaus Der Working Class Daughters”.
The english translation of that name is: “Department Store of the Working Class Daughters”.
The short form of the name is KaDeWCD.

The department store can be visited.
But one cannot buy anything in the department store.
The department store is an art installation.

There are clothes to look at and to try on.
There is jewelry and a perfume.

There are headphones in the department store.
One can put on these headphones and then listen to people talking.
Only women are talking. The women have diverse gender identities.

The women talk about work, experiences and memories.
They also talk about how people can support each other.
There are also funny stories.

working class by daughters is the final part of a fashion trilogy. Started out with the design of a t-shirt collection within a fashion show without models and followed by a eastern european market inspired car boot sale, we are now opening up a department store. A space for stories about class. How are the obvious structures of inequality and its subtle constraints, e.g. how one talks or what one wears, how are habitus and taste interwined in individual biographies? We counter the discrete charm of the bourgeoisie with the obvious. We are exposing what is supposed to stay hidden and state it boldly on t-shirts: working class by daughters.

Concept: Kristina Dreit, Karolina Dreit
Scenography: Anna Trzpis-McLean
WCDxMaschamania: Mascha Mihoa Bischoff
Dramaturgy Interviews: Karolina Dreit
Interviews: Karolina Dreit, Kristina Dreit
Sound Support: Valentin Peitz

Big thank you to everybody we interviewed!


Working Class Daughters is a cycle of work on the intersections of class, gender and migration that Kristina Dreit, Karolina Dreit, Anna Trzpis-Mclean have been working on since 2018. Based on (their own) post-Soviet migratory experiences and a long friendship and sisterhood, they are especially interested in biographical stories, as well as historical and current references to labor and labor struggles.

* Working Class Daughters refers to women as all those who self-identify and/or are read as such and are structurally discriminated as women. That doesn’t have to say anything about the gender identity of each individual person.

Supported by Fonds Darstellende Künste with funds from the Federal Gourvernment Commissioner for Culture and the Media.