Prepared during the first lockdown in spring 2020, Active Archive–Slow Institution: wild recuperations. material from below: a conversation explores the different considerations involved when working with archives, and the often overlooked, marginalised histories.
For the coming District Studio Grant (winter-spring 2020/2021) we are seeking an artist or artist collective who are interested in contributing to a language where yesterday and tomorrow are the same word. Kal (kal).
Anleitung für gemeinsames Basteln und Vorlesen mit Kindern von Verena Melgarejo Weinandt
Ferhat Ünver, Gökhan Gültekin, Hamza Kurtović, Said Nesar Hashemi, Mercedes Kierpacz, Sedat Gürbüz, Kalojan Velkov, Vili Viorel Păun, Fatih Saraçoğlu, Frau R.