• FemmeFitness


    ‘Sexy Dancing’, Agency and Femme Empowerment/NAILS hacks*facts*fictions // Workshop for 15-20 participants....

  • Trùng Mù – White Mist in Foreign Country

    18/04/2019 — 02/06/2019

    An installation by Nguyen Phuong Linh co-inhabited by In One’s Breath–Nothing Stands Still by Tuan Mami, Memory Of The Blind Elephant by Nguyen Phuong Linh, NAILS*hacks*facts*fictions collaborative publication and gatherings...

  • N*A*I*L*S hacks*facts*fictions

    18/04/2019 — 02/06/2019

    Collaborative publication on nailwork, art and migration. The magazine NAILS hacks*facts*fictions gathers different contributions that imagine the nail salon as a queer site of critical, trans-cultural practices and intersectional care politics....

  • ,

    sharing/learning: collective methods in art, research and activism

    28/06/2019 — 29/06/2019

    Künstlerisch-wissenschaftliches Symposium des DFG-Graduiertenkollegs „Das Wissen der Künste“...

  • Caring for Conflict

    01/07/2017 — 30/06/2019

    With Caring for Conflict we are searching for queer cultures of conflict, for possibilities to fight together: against injustice, inequality, and violence....

  • Seawater to wash the borders, salt in the wounds

    24/01/2019 — 30/06/2019

    Across the Palk Strait and many generations, Draupadi is remembered and propitiated to negate infertility and malaria. Her polyamory no longer celebrated, becoming a footnote; lost in the tectonic shift of the topography of memory. ...

  • D’EST

    21/02/2018 — 31/12/2020

    Im Frühjahr 2018 lanciert District Berlin die zeitgenössische Online-Videokunstplattform D'EST: A Multi-Curatorial Online Platform for Video Art from the Former “East” and “West”, die bis Jahresende 2020 online zugänglich sein wird. ...


We are pleased to introduce our Fellow Pınar Öğrenci. At District Berlin, she participates in the series Revolt she said - decolonial and feminist perspectives on 68 with her lecture performance Purple Panic: 43. She is also part of the Caring for Conflict project.
We, District Berlin, stand up for the two non-commercial youth centres Potse and Drugstore in Schöneberg. Tomorrow's generations, too, need spaces where access is not defined by how much you can pay.
We are very happy to be part of this year's SUPPORT Your Local Culture // Diversity - Empowerment - Exchange. From 4 pm can connect and exchange ideas with us.
We are looking forward to an exciting exchange of ideas at the Open Talks at feldfünf – Projekträume im Metropolenhaus.