Podcast: wild recuperations. material from below: a conversation

Image: Michele Horrigan, Stigma Damages, 2011-ongoing.

** Entsprechend der Podcast-Sprache gibt es diese Ankündigung nur auf englisch **

wild recuperations. material from below: a conversation

Podcast presented by Project Arts Centre Dublin in their series: Active Archive – Slow Institution and Askeaton Contemporary Arts (ACA)

Prepared during the first pandemic lockdown in summer 2020 in rural Ireland, the conversation explores considerations around working with archives, ecologies and  marginalised histories. Each of the speakers was invited to reflect on texts from the publication wild recuperations. material from below, Dissident Stories between GDR and pOstdeutschland from the perspective of their own practices and researches.

Participants: Michele Horrigan, Suza Husse, Emma Wolf-Haugh, Sean Lynch, and Lívia Páldi; Moderation and co-editing: Suza Husse; Recording and sound editing: Nat Schastneva

Listen to the full podcast here.

The publication can be purchased here.

Zur deutschsprachigen Publikation hier.