MC Baustelle: Klassen Sprechen

— 14/09/2017

On Class, Identification and Conditions of Production in the Art World

14 September 2017
5pm until 8.30pm (dinner break included)

Workshop and radio programme
with Shanti Suki Osman and Anna-Lena Wenzel

During the construction phase of Klassensprachen, District’s production team, under the name of MC Baustelle (MC construction site), produced eight audio tracks that can be listened to in the exhibition. Here sounds and conversations from the construction site, but also autobiographical references to class and working conditions, become intertwined. In a public workshop MC Baustelle will incorporate new voices that will be tranferred to a radio programme, and broadcast on Missy Radio. The artistic contributions in the exhibition will be reread with the experiences of the narrators/directors of Klassensprachen and the sampled statements from MC Baustelle. What contradictions become apparent? In what situations do the ties between shared labour and disparate subjectivities in this specific project come apart? In that respect what role does art have to play?

The participants of the workshop are invited to contribute to the dialogue with their own impressions of the exhibition and their experiences of class, of the realities of work and fluid identification in the field of art. As the recording of the discussion forms the basis of the radio programme, all participants of the workshop must be in accordance that the workshop will be recorded and excerpts published.

Max. Participants: 15
Please register until 10 September 2017 at:

The workshop is scheduled to be in German. However, we will happily attempt to include other languages (please indicate this in the registration).

The tracks from MC Baustelle can be listened to here.

For the group conversation on the 14th it is suggested that the exhibition has been fully or partially visited.


Shanti Suki Osman is a musician, educator and researcher, working with radio and sound.
Anna-Lena Wenzel writes texts and art criticism, produces radio shows and works as a reviewer of exhibitions.