Terrain of Threshold Voices — Reader

dissident desire CHAPTER 2 | Aliens of Extraordinary Abilities? PART II

The exhibition and performance project Terrain of Threshold Voices is dedicated to forms of artistic research on language in relation to the transformation of the urban landscape. Inspired by the presence of written expressions which take the contemporary city as a textual surface – language phenomena are explored as terrains of friction between different communities. It connects the ongoing investigation on dissident practices of precarious bodies within the framework of District’s dissident desire with the histories and present narratives of migration in Berlin that are examined by the project Aliens of Extraordinary Abilities? at English Theatre Berlin. Engaging with the interstices of different languages and cultures of space, Terrain of Threshold Voices manifests in an exhibition as performative zone of conflict. Moving beyond normative attribution and cultural representation, the exhibition opens a language laboratory of threshold jargons that emerge from transitional states.
The reader comprises texts of both the exhibition and the performances in the neighborhoods which mapped out terrains, structures and movements emerging at intersections and ruptures between different social narratives of Berlin.

Contributors: Anna Bromley, Constant, Larissa Fassler, Jaume Ferrete, Pieterjan Grandry & Valentina Karga, Wilhelm Klotzek, Hanne Lippard, Nasan Tur

Concept and Editors: Pieterjan Grandry, Suza Husse, Valentina Karga, Lorenzo Sandoval

Design: modem.studio

Publisher: Crap Is Good Press

The reader is published on the occasion of the exhibition and performance project Terrain of Threshold Voices at District Kunst- und Kulturförderung 12 November – 7 December 2013. A collaboration of District and English Theatre Berlin, supported by Hauptstadtkulturfonds.
Terrain of Threshold Voices is a project by Suza Husse and Lorenzo Sandoval within the framework of dissident desire realized in collaboration with Daniel Brunet as artistic director of Aliens of Extraordinary Abilities.

Language: English

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p. 2 Daniel Brunet Aliens of Extraordinary Abilities? Part II

p. 4 Suza Husse and Lorenzo Sandoval dissident desire Chapter 2

p. 8 Anna Bromley The Liquid Suitcase (a miniature thought experiment)

p. 10 Constant La langue Schaerbeekoise / De Schaarbeekse taal

p. 14 Larissa Fassler Place – A Short Introduction

p. 16 Jaume Ferrete Voz Files

p. 18 Pieterjan Grandry and Valentina Karga The Rural as Language

p. 22 Wilhelm Klotzek Die Wohnung

p. 24 Hanne Lippard Phone-In, Call Out: A disembodied tour

p. 26 Nasan Tur Berlin Says


Team – Concept and Editing: Pieterjan Grandry, Suza Husse, Valentina Karga, Lorenzo Sandoval; Proofreading: Daniel Brunet; Printing: Crap Is Good Press

© District Kunst- und Kulturförderung, English Theatre Berlin, curators, artists and authors, 2013.

30 Pages
140 x 210 mm

€ 7

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