undisciplinary learning WorkBooks

Gabriel Rossel-Santillan, Nino Halka: Metazoalein: aus Zungen, Muskeln und Oberschenkeln zusammengesetzt, in: Nino Halka, Suza Husse, Ferdiansyah Thajib (eds.): ...critical knowledge generates rebellious bodies, Undisciplinary Learning WorkBook April 2017, Design: Daniela Burger & Toni Brell.

undisciplinary learning brings emancipatory knowledge and practices of mutual/collective Un/learning into circulation. The WorkBook series emerges from the project Undisciplinary Learning. Remapping the Aesthetics of Resistance (at District and at numerous locations in Berlin, 2016), which dealt with alternative pedagogies as part of historical and current struggles against fascism, colonialism and capitalism.

undisciplinary learning became a space where a wealth of ideas and intuitions how to live and learn differently come into contact with one another. The publications are a way to continue impulses, relationships, experiences, desires and possibilities that appeared in that space and open them up for other learning contexts. We call them WorkBooks because true learning means transformation and transformation is a lot of work.

The collected contributions at the intersection of art and critical education offer access to diverse forms of learning and knowledge cultures that are often missing from our textbooks. They offer insights into the possibilities, forces, futures that a decentralized, anti-hegemonic and undisciplined community of learners/readers could imagine and shape.

The undisciplinary learning WorkBooks appear in an irregular rhythm, published by Archive Books. They accompany the practice based work and research at District*School Without Center. All issues are available for free download at www.archivebooks.org and www.district-berlin.com.


.. critical knowledge generates rebellious bodies
WorkBook Spring 2017