Environment, in the expanded sense

— 05/12/2018

Environment, in the expanded sense. Photos: Jil Zepp

A conversation about the environmental movement of the GDR, about Western and Eastern waste (materials, languages, ideologies), (radio)active landscapes and histories with Mareike Bernien & Alex Gerbaulet, Tim Eisenlohr, Sebastian Pflugbeil and Anna Zett moderated by Suza Husse and Elske Rosenfeld

** 6 pm – Exhibition talk in the installation Deponie with Anna Zett
** 19 h – Conversations and readings from the archive

Location: District Berlin,  Bessemerstraße 2-14, 12103 Berlin

* Program in German with whisper translation into English.
** The exhibition in the Archive of the GDR Opposition / Robert-Havemann-Gesellschaft e.V. (Haus 17) will be open from 3 to 5 pm that day.

An event in the framework of wild recuperations. material from below: Artistic Research at the Archive of the GDR Opposition.