Deaf Stress Factor: Hearing Ignorance

— 27/10/2018

The event focuses on audism.

open from 6 pm, program begins at 7 pm
Location: aquarium (Südblock), Skalitzer Str. 6, Berlin-Kreuzberg, U-Kottbusser Tor

In German Sign Language (DGS) translated into spoken German.

Audism refers to decades of discrimination of Deaf People. Hearing and speaking are define what is seen as normal. Deaf people are seen as having a defecit, and sign language is devalued. Are hearing poeple so self-assured that they ignore audism? When do conflicts start? How does the Deaf Community relate to queer-feminsim? And to racism?

We are engaging with conflicts within and beyond the Deaf Community. This involves reflection on the KLIRRRRR festival and to Caring for Conflict.

We: Xenia Dürr, Silvia Gegenfurtner, Simone Lönne, Kai Nantchouang Fotso, Melanie Loy.

Facilitated by the Institute for Queer Theory (iQt) as part of Caring for Conflict. Contributing to the series When does it Become Violence. With kind support from Projektfonds Kulturelle Bildung, funded by Aktion Mensch.