Héraud & Mba Bikoro: Squat Monument − ¿Integration?

— 19/12/2015

Heraud Bikoro, Integration, 2015, Photo: Barbara Santos and Desintegradas

Amelia Umuhire, Polyglot, Filmstill, 2015

Deutsche Frauenkolonialschule, Filmstill, 1937


Public Evening

10–18 h: Theatre Laboratory with Bárbara Santos
19 h: Public Event of Squat Monument and screening


The theatre laboratory session invites various Berlin-based women’s groups (working on social development and arts education within diverse communities) for an aesthetic experience facilitated by BÁRBARA SANTOS. It will focus on creating spaces responding to daily conflicts of living and racial experiences in Berlin, proposing a different dialogue about integration. This experience for women combines physical and vocal performance intervention, bringing together international narratives. It will consider spaces for memory to be enacted, a theatre of the living monument as a transient space where identities are not fixed. The women will share experiences and negotiate spaces they create contesting their own and others’ histories to re-invent the notion of Integration in Berlin, exiting spaces of segregation and breaking colonial exhibitionary impulses.

The public event will bring together an evening open to the public with the result of the theatre laboratory and an introduction to the work of Squat Monument focusing particularly on Black Women’s Legacy in Women’s Movements in the early 20th century in Germany and a screening of the films Deutsche Frauenkolonialschule (1937) and  Polyglot by Amelia Umuhire (2015). The event is facilitated by Nathalie Mba Bikoro & Anaïs Héraud.

BÁRBARA SANTOS has been the general coordinator of the Centre of Theatre of the Oppressed until 2008, before which she worked with Augusto Boal for almost two decades in several projects including Legislative Theatre and Aesthetic of the Oppressed. She has developed the Madalena Laboratory – Teatro das Oprimidas, an innovative aesthetic experience on the specificities of the oppressions faced by women. Bárbara is the artistic director of KURINGA (Germany) and editor of METAXIS (Brazil).


Nathalie Mba Bikoro and Anaïs Héraud are both artists based in Berlin working together on Squat Monument, a project developed in collaboration with District.