Lieber krankfeiern als gesund schuften

— 14/07/2018

Zeichnung aus: 10 Jahre Gesundheitsladen Berlin, Berliner Gesundheitsladen, ca. 1988, S. 38

with Barbara Bohl (healing house), health collective (GeKo), Ulf Mann (formerly part of the pharmacists’ collective at Viktoriapark), et al.

14 July, 3 – 7 pm

in German and English

Together with protagonists of the health movement and contemporary activists, we would like to explore the health movement’s strategies, forms of organisation and fields of action in view of its relevance today. How can we politicize health care today? What initiatives and forms of organization initially developed in the health movement of the 1970s and 1980s are still of use in our current situation? Departing from conversations with protagonists the workshop invites to exchange on own desires and concepts to politice illness and health.

Practices of Radical Health Care presents research on the health movement of West Berlin in an exhibition, in workshops, events and a publication. A number of radical health institutions emerged at the intersection of feminism and the squatting scene. Feminist health initiatives organized vaginal self-examinations, self-help groups and autonomous counseling. In Practices of Radical Health Care the Feminist Health Care Research Group develops displays and collages that bring together conversations about the health movement, its visual materials, documents and publications in subjective arrangements. In this way the research group traces the health movement’s educational potential and instructive moments.

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