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— 22/06/2018

Feministische Gesundheitsrecherchegruppe, Fotos: Inga Zimprich.

An introduction to Radical Therapy

with Jess Ward (F.O.R.T. structures Berlin) and Inga Zimprich (FGRG)

22 June, 6 – 9 pm

in English language

Limited number of participants, please register at kontakt@feministische-recherchegruppe.org until 20 June.

During the 1970s a translation of Hogie Wyckhoff’s book „Solving Women’s Problems through Awareness, Action and Contact“ circulated amongst German-speaking feminists and functioned as a template for initiating numerous women*’s self-help groups and feminist therapy groups. Loosely based on this model, Radical Therapy groups are taking place today, aiming to uncover and challenge forms of oppression within a self-organized therapeutical group setting. Next to F.O.R.T. (Women* organize Radical Therapy), MRT groups (Men* organize Radical Therapy) and Queer RT groups exist.

This workshop offers an introduction to basic concepts and methods of Radical Therapy and the process of F.O.R.T. sessions.

Jess Ward is part of the F.O.R.T. context in Berlin.

Practices of Radical Health Care presents research on the health movement of West Berlin in an exhibition, in workshops, events and a publication. A number of radical health institutions emerged at the intersection of feminism and the squatting scene. Feminist health initiatives organized vaginal self-examinations, self-help groups and autonomous counseling. In Practices of Radical Health Care the Feminist Health Care Research Group develops displays and collages that bring together conversations about the health movement, its visual materials, documents and publications in subjective arrangements. å this way the research group traces the health movement’s educational potential and instructive moments.

We are trying to guarantee accessibility in the best possible way. If required, please contact us on time at press@district-berlin.com.