„Picking out images from my soul’s eye.“ | Online exhibition

17/02/2021 — 29/05/2021

Paloma Ayala, Canción Caníbal, one-channel video, 2020

Imayna Caceres, Roots in the Dark: Cosmovision Linked By The Identical Pace Of Our Livingness, 2019 © Imayna Caceres

Understanding Gloria E. Anzaldúa through Artistic Practices


In addition to the linguistic translation of one of Anzaldúa’s most important works, Borderlands. The New Mestiza, into German, we dedicate the exhibition to another translation process. We approach Anzaldúa from a variety of artistic perspectives, seeking connections beyond the linguistic level that allow us to link her work with us and the different realities of life in which we move. Anzaldúa attributed a central role to artistic creative practice for decolonial transformation and collective healing processes.

As we are not able to (re)open the exhibition at this moment, we would like to share a selection of the video works from the exhibition with you.


Paloma Ayala
Canción Caníbal

2020, 15:18 min

Canción Caníbal imagines an ‘adapting’ body that dives into some of the concerns felt for the ecologies of both the Río Bravio/Río Grande and Rhein border rivers, where the artist lives, and where different extractivist and colonizing activities continue to consume the very flesh, bone and fluid of Earth. What these activities produce is an erotic close-to-hybrid womxn entity, who begins to take concrete, mundane actions that help her and her species, inhabit a new environment. One of her questions is: why would you consume who you love?


Imayna Caceres
Making meaning with(out) the Other in more than human worlds
2020, 6 min

Making Meaning is an intuitive intersection of ecological, communal, planetary concerns, in which different kinship communities (human and non-human) activate sedimentary layers of wisdom about caring for life. A collective rupture that is transforming us in ways yet to be understood.
A work produced in collaboration with plant-friends and animals that appeared in dreams bringing specific messages. With plants that took care of me and that I took care of. Several ideas are threaded with the reflections of indigenous-descendant, African-descendant, and other racialized, gender-dissident thinkers, contributions of the south, scientific findings and the teachings of a myriad of earth-beings. (Imayna Caceres)

Imayna Caceres is an artist and researcher that works with communities that exceed the human, futuristic ancestral heritages, and practices of regeneration and kinship. Rooted in Lima and Vienna, her drawings, installations and offerings lean towards art as a communal and collective process.  – www.imaynacaceres.com

The exhibition is part of Wissen über Brücken – Conocimiento sobre puentes, a project by Verena Melgarejo Weinandt and District*School without Center.