The Feminist Health Care Research Group

From November 21st to 28th we, the feminist health care research group, gathered at District Berlin to hold our second research meeting Sick Leave. We aimed to look at how our perspectives change through being ill. 
We came together to see where our collective approach would lead us, to get to know each other better and to exchange practices, knowledge and experiences with health, illness, healing and self care.
Next to exercises in the group we visited the Antipsychiatric Information Center, Zieten Apotheke pharmacy and joined a demonstration on the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women (organized by International Women Space, DEST DAN e.V, Sosyalist Kadinlar Birligi, HDP Frauen Berlin, Kurdische Frauen Initiative and KNK Frauen Komitee in Berlin) and attended the book launch In our own words organized by the International Womens Space. On Saturday 28th we held the public workshop Political Feelings, a space in which we offered methods and exercise to engage with each other imagining practices and spaces for healing collectively.
During our meeting it became clear that we will not continue working as a group. But what we found out, what we want to preserve and what we want to pass on will be compiled in our second zine Sick Leave.

Participants of the feminist health care research group during Sick Leave were Julia Bonn, Julia Entner, Ise Gross, Alice Münch, Emilia Muller- Ginorio, Felicita Reuschling, Isabella Schiele, Tijana Stevanovic, Inga Zimprich.

The zine is a result of a project with the same title that was developed at District in fall 2015 in the frame of our series Curatorial Practices: Fields and Techniques. It responds to our call for curatorial gestures themed Queering TASTE: The art of losing is not hard to master / though it may look like a disaster and were selected by a jury composed of Maria Thereza Alves, Suza Husse, Bettina Knaup, Nanna Lüth, Michaela Richter and Heiko Pfreundt.

Language: English

This and other zines by the Feminist Health Care Research Group can be ordered on their >website<.

© The Feminist Health Care Research Group 2016

24 Pages
210 x 300 mm