Secret languages // (de-)base languages

07/02/2018 — 09/02/2018

A two-part workshop with the artists Qwigo L. Baldwin, Ferdi Thajib and Tali Tiller

Part 1: 07 Februar 2018, 3-6 pm
Part 2. 09 Februar 2018, 3-6 pm

Stiftung SPI MÄDEA
Grüntaler Straße 21
13357 Berlin
Contact persons: Ursula Bachor, Eva Palej, Eylem Bozkaya


Employing artistic means ranging from video and performance to storytelling and improvisation, the workshop invites its participants to play with language(s).

Because language can do and be a lot: Body, landscape, hideout, connection, game, mask, border, gift, weapon, home… SOMETHING SECRET, SOMETHING COMMON, SOMETHING MEAN.

The workshop is held by the artists Qwigo L. Baldwin, Ferdi Thajib and Tali Tiller and takes place in two parts at MÄDEA, intercultural Centre for girls and young women.

The workshop is aimed at you girls* and women* aged between 12-27.

If you would like to attend, please register to Space is limited. The workshop will be held in German and English.

For more info please check: Weitere Infos auf

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