Sexual Self-determination and Anti-colonial (Liberation) Movements

— 18/10/2018

Peggy Piesche, Sexual Self-determination and Anti-colonial (Liberation) Movements, Workshop, 2018. Photos: Kim Bode.

Workshop  in the framework of Revolt she said

with Peggy Piesche (Literature and Cultural Studies, Gunda-Werner-Institut)

Thursday, 18 October 2018, 7 – 10 pm

Registration until 17.10.:

Anti-colonial (liberation)movements and their demands for independence, self-determination, and against colonialism and racism decisively shaped the protest and resistance movements in the Federal Republic of Germany. They were directly related to the struggle for the social equality of men and women, as well as the protection of ethnic minorities. In this workshop, through historical materials from newspapers, publications, and other ephemera, a mapping of the discourse of the relationship between sexual self-determination and anti-colonial (liberation) movements at that time will be created and the question of the emancipatory concepts negotiated therein will be pursued.

The series Revolt she said is curated by Andrea Caroline Keppler (District Berlin), Dr. Katharina Koch and Dorothea Nold (alpha nova & galerie futura) in conversation with , Karina Griffith (District Studio and Research Grant holder Decolonizing 68) Sharon Adler, Madeleine Bernstorff, Dr. Lisa Glauer, Dr. Natasha A. Kelly, Martina Kofer, Dr. Corina S. Kwami, Dr. Peggy Piesche, Kelvin Sholar, Merle Ströver and PD Dr. Anja Zimmermann.

Revolt she said is a cooperation by alpha nova & galerie futura and District Berlin.