Berríos-Negrón, Hamann, Kiessling, McLardy

13/03/2014 — 30/04/2014

Friederike Hamann, Konstellation I und II, 2014

Luis Berríos-Negrón, Nonsphere XIV, 2014

Felix Kiessling, Vertikale, 2016

Laura McLardy, Line of Least Resistance, 2014

These three artworks are located in NEXT, a building by architect Jürgen Sawade from 1994 which is also part of the Malzfabrik ensemble.

Nonsphere XIV is the project of artist and architect Luis Berríos-Negrón, who designed a staircase garden of plants growing towards each other from the bottom and the top floor.

In Friederike Hamann‘s installation of light boxes and mirrors Constellation I and II  abstract patterns, colors and forms are bounced as light into the space of the corridor and reflected by mirrors on the opposite side, constituting a horizontal light- and colorgate which counter-poses the stable and functional orderliness of neon lights, cable ducts and doors of the corridor, creating a fleeting space potential.

Laura McLardy’s Line of Least Resistance enacts a crack, a line, a negative sculpture, a splintering imprint, a tremor stretching across the six levels of the office building. Alongside the fissure of the staircase wall, a landscape of difference, a trace of motion, unraveling the solid structural shell, opens up subcutaneously.

The installation Vertikale is accompanied by the artist Felix Kiessling, as a project of District in commissioned by Malzfabrik and presented on the occasion of the International Sculpture Day 2016. It is on show in the District staircase in the Kellerei building.