Alive (Hospital(y)tis)

— 05/09/2021

Discoteca Flaming Star, Alive (Hospital(y)tis), 5. September 2021. Foto: Johanna Ekenhorst

Discoteca Flaming Star, Alive (Hospital(y)tis), 5. September 2021. Foto: DFS

Discoteca Flaming Star, Alive (Hospital(y)tis), Videostill

Discoteca Flaming Star, Alive (Hospital(y)tis), 5. September 2021. Foto: Andrea Keppler

Probe Alive (Hospital(y)tis), Foto: DFS

Alive (Hospital(y)tis)

Discoteca Flaming Star
(CGB, Sara Pereira, Sofia Lomba, WM)

5 September 2021, 6 – 9 pm

COVID: To make our gatherings as safe as possible amidst the ongoing corona virus pandemic, we kindly ask everyone to join with a negative Covid test (or do a quick test on site) and wear FFP2 masks when required. There is a free test station >closeby<. Thank you <3

District is wheelchair accessible.


An injured collective researches infrastructures of care in pandemic times. At its center is the fictitious member of the collective, INGRID. The body of the collective, scattered in the imaginary and in space, was not able to be complete for a long time. One year ago at the Web_Hospital presented at District in the form of a continuous rehearsal, Discoteca Flaming Star recorded Trailer without trailer. In Alive (Hospita(ly)tis) the sounds of that continuous rehearsal appear on vinyl as well as current recordings on which DFS improvise as a testimony and echo of the fragmentation experienced during the pandemic.

INGRID is part fictional figure, part real group member, tragedy, comedy, and pathos overlap in her. As in the individual layers of a painting, she is multifaceted and unrhymed. What is the connection between model and draughtsman, is established in the format of nude drawing. We attribute the fictional elements that distinguish the person from the drawing on the paper when viewed from the perspective of the artist to INGRID. As a fictitious member of our collective, she lives in these very spaces.

“Politics are a book of fiction in which the book is our own body” (Preciado).

In the quarantine of the hospital, patients are separated from each other to prevent infection. A similar isolation is being demonstrated by windows in video chat and web screens during the pandemic. We do not confront this crisis of care and the commons with autonomy or independence, but with dependence on each other and the audience, the search for healing closeness.


Discoteca Flaming Star (DFS) is an interdisciplinary and collaborative collective of artists* using songs and other forms of oral expression, understanding them as a personal response to historical events and social and political realities. Through conceptual, visual and musical translations, DFS has been creating sculptures, performances, video works, drawings, stages and situations since 1998.


This event kicks off the project strand #2 Collective Kinship and Care of On Illness, Resistance and Modes of Collective (Health) Care, a project kindly supported by the Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe.