Workshop series: Research on Yoggaton as Empowerment and Decolonial Body Practice

14/09/2019 — 25/01/2020

Maque Pereyra, Yoggaton, Fotos: Verena Melgarejo Weinandt

Research on Yoggaton as Empowerment and Decolonial Body Practice

Maque Pereyra

Workshop series as part of the project Wissen über Brücken – Conocimiento sobre puentes. Relating to Gloria E. Anzaldúa in Words, Vision and Context

Saturday, 14 and Sunday, 15 September, 4 – 7.30 pm at District Berlin

Saturday, 19, 11 am – 6 pm as part of the workshop series Dance as Anti-colonial Feminist Practice – FLTIQ* in the framework of Anticolonial Month (Program see here), Location:  Jugend, Kultur und Werkzentrum Grenzallee, Grenzallee 5, 12057 Berlin
Sunday, 20 October, 4 – 7.30 pm at District Berlin

Saturday, 9 November, 4 – 7.30 pm at District Berlin

Saturday, 25 January, 4 – 7.30 pm at District Berlin

Language: English (German and Spanish is also possible)


Sexual energy is creative energy that deserves to be awakened and then shared in a respectful, loving and consensual way.


Maque Pereyra and District invite you to participate in the research Yoggaton as Empowerment and Decolonial Body Practice:

The practice of Yoggaton combines Yoga&Reggaeton. It is a movement practice which works on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. Through a series of exercises, Yoggaton brings together yoga asanas and spiritual principles, Andean spirituality, fitness, guided meditation exercises and Perreo – a dance to reggaeton similar to the Twerk. Yoggaton offers intensive aerobic training as well as the opportunity to work on self-healing and self-realization through the development of consciousness and physical strength, fun and sensuality. The aim of the practice is to promote a deeper awareness of the unity of body, mind and soul in order to develop a complete self. The research is conducted in a series of theoretical and practical workshops.

If you would like to participate in this workshop series, send us a short statement to:

Black, Indigenous and People of Color and people identifying somewhere in the FLINT (Women, Lesbian, inter, non-binary, trans) spectrum are prioritized within the registration process.


Maque Pereyra is a Berlin based artist, performer, djane, dancer and spiritual activist. In 2018 she finished the MA SoDA program at UdK-HZT. A DAAD scholarship in the field of performing arts was granted to her from 2016 until 2018. In her home country, Bolivia, she obtained a BA degree in Psychology in 2014. Her work was was shown in different festivals and venues internationally e.g. region(es), New York (2019), WHOLE. United Queer Festival, Ferropolis (2018). She has been awarded twice with the arts award Premio Plurinacional Eduardo Abaroa (2013-2014). She’s currently working on spreading the practice of Yoggaton – a movement practice developed by her. Furthermore, Maque Pereyra is the new District Studio Grant holder and will work at District’s studio from September 2019 to January 2020.

The Studio and Research Grant 2019/2020 on Yoggaton as Empowerment and Decolonial Body Practice takes place within the framework of Wissen über Brücken – Conocimiento sobre puentes. Relating to Gloria E. Anzaldùa in Words, Vision and Context. A translation project with a series of events by Verena Melgarejo Weinandt and District * Schule ohne Zentrum takes place in cooperation with the Sonntagsbureau in the Amerika-Gedenkbibliothek Berlin and the Verlag Zaglossus.
Kindly supported by the Senate Chancellery of Berlin – Cultural Affairs.



Maque Pereyra:
Investigación sobre Yoggaton como práctica corporal decolonial y de empoderamiento
Ciclo de talleres

Sábado, 14. y domingo, 15. septiembre, 16 – 19.30 h, Lugar: District Berlin

Sábado, 19 . Octubre, 11 – 18 h en el marco de la serie de talleres Tanz als antikoloniale und feministische Praxis- FLTIQ* en el marco del Antikolonialen Monats (programa aquí), Lugar: Jugend, Kultur und Werkzentrum Grenzallee, Grenzallee 5, 12057 Berlín
Domingo 20 de octubre, de 16 a 19.30 h, Lugar: District Berlin

Sábado, 9 de noviembre, de 16 a 19.30 h, Lugar: District Berlin

Sábado, 25 de enero, de 16 a 19.30 h, Lugar: District Berlin

Idioma: inglés (alemán y español también posibles)

La práctica del Yoggaton combina Yoga y Reggaeton. Es una práctica de movimiento que trabaja a nivel físico, emocional, mental y espiritual. A través de una serie de ejercicios, Yoggaton integra principios espirituales y asanas de yoga, espiritualidad andina, fitness, ejercicios de meditación guiada y Perreo – una danza del reggaetón similar al Twerk. Yoggaton ofrece entrenamiento aeróbico intensivo, así como la oportunidad de trabajar en la autocuración y la autorrealización a través del desarrollo de la conciencia y la fuerza física, la alegría y la sensualidad. El objetivo de la práctica es promover una conciencia más profunda de la unidad del cuerpo, la mente y el alma para desarrollar un yo completo. La investigación se lleva a cabo en una serie de talleres teóricos y prácticos.

Si deseas participar en esta serie de talleres, envíanos un texto breve a Personas negras, indígenas y de color al igual que las personas que se identifican en algún lugar del espectro FLINT (Mujeres, Lesbianas, inter, no binarixs, trans) son priorizadxs durante el proceso de registro.