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20/07/2020 — 31/12/2020

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Yoggaton goes online

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From late June

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The practice of Yoggaton combines Yoga&Reggaeton. It is a movement practice which works on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. Through a series of exercises, Yoggaton brings together yoga asanas and spiritual principles, Andean spirituality, fitness, guided meditation exercises and Perreo – a dance to reggaeton similar to the Twerk. Yoggaton offers intensive aerobic training as well as the opportunity to work on self-healing and self-realization through the development of consciousness and physical strength, fun and sensuality. The aim of the practice is to promote a deeper awareness of the unity of body, mind and soul in order to develop a complete self.

The new channel is designed to offer Yoggaton classes, to share the thinking behind and to strengthen the interaction with the community that has formed around it. That is why we will offer not only practical classes but also talks, workshops and interviews with friends and lovers who are spiritual activists, pleasure activists, people involved in decolonial/deculonial and queer activism, art and thinking.

The social and political context we are in generates a lot of anxiety and it is necessary to create spaces of regeneration especially for queer communities and communities of color, oppressed by the white heteropatriarchy. Yoggaton offers itself as a space of connection with our own pleasure, sensuality, spirituality and enjoyment, which are powerful tools of transformation. The first chapters will be launched from the end of June onwards to celebrate diversity month. Yoggaton with double g for double pleasure.

Yoggaton Team – Dj Set x the class: Bad Puppy; Music production/ opening & background: Alejandro Isasi; Clothes: Camila Maldonado / Beautiful Waste; Styling: Maque Pereyra; Hair & Make up: Belén Resnikowski; Production: Claudia Sáez and Maque Pereyra; Video: Froilán Urzagasti; Set: Gisela Zárate, Claudia Sáez, Froilán Urzagasti; Still Photo: Gisela Zárate; Social Media Management: Gabriela Durán; Concept & Artistic direction: Maque Pereyra.

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The video channel is realized in cooperation with the project Wissen über Brücken – Conocimiento sobre puentes. Relating to Gloria E. Anzaldùa in Words, Vision and Context. A translation project with a series of events by Verena Melgarejo Weinandt and District * Schule ohne Zentrum.